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About Yorkshire Swing Seats

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to produce high quality, British Made garden swing seats that are reliable, very comfortable and much loved by their owners to become family heirlooms.

Swing seats came into fashion in the early 1900s just before the First World War. The heavy, formal designs of the Victorian era gave way to the Edwardian love of luxury, lightness of colour and a taste for leisure and fun.   Besides being popular in Britain, swing seats found their way overseas to India and beyond; reading diaries of expatriates you often come across references to ‘sitting on the hammock’ or swing seat for a gossip and cocktails, which seems like a good idea!

Our Story

We are now entering our 7th year of selling garden swing seats and apart from a few slight adjustments and improvements, mostly suggested by our suppliers and customers, the original design hasn’t changed.  It all seems a far cry from the days when I sat on my great aunt’s garden swing seat and dreamt of owning my own!

Hand Made

Apart from the fabrics which are manufactured in Europe, we don’t import.  Our suppliers are all highly skilled British craftsmen working in Yorkshire and northern counties.  The quality of their workmanship means we have confidence in the style, reliability and longevity of our swing seats.

Quality Control

The quality of our swing seats is paramount and we strive to produce a product of the highest standard.

Each swing seat has its own identifying number on the metal frame: this is to ensure that the details of each one is kept on record.  Apart from the fabrics which are European, we don’t import any parts for the swing seats.  Even the toggles for the awning pulls are individually made from trees felled in the Dales, ensuring that after years of use they won’t split or disintegrate.


Our Suppliers

The Frame is designed to withstand bad weather, sturdily built, each part is hand crafted to fit its own particular set and then powder coated to prevent corrosion.

As an extra protection against buffeting winds, each footplate has holes so that it can be screwed down to a solid surface.

The springs for our interior sprung cushions are provided by Harrison Spinks of Leeds.

A fifth-generation family business, Harrison Spinks was established in 1840 and today is a leading high-end, luxury bed manufacturer and supplier of quality components to the furniture, footwear and automotive industries.

Interestingly, the hemp we use for padding the cushions is grown and harvested on their farm in North Yorkshire.

The cushions are all hand made to order. The cushions will maintain their support and comfort for many a year as our upholsterers work with the traditional skills.

The springs are padded with the hemp, the cushion fabric is cut and sewn by hand and custom made piping added if ordered. All the seams are overlocked so there is no concern that they will fray when washed.

The awning, side panels and overall cover are produced by our canvas cutters who are very experienced in all kinds of bespoke outdoor covering solutions.   The canvas is laser cut and pride is taken in making sure that the quality of machining be excellent; straight clean and durable.

The toggles for the awning pulls are made by The Gayle Mill Trust in the Yorkshire Dales, they are all hand turned and each set is a slightly different design making it unlikely yours will be the same as your neighbours of friends!