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Ever wondered what how the word barbecue came about? It wasn’t a description of how the food was cooked but rather the name of the wooden structure used by the Taino Indians upon which they […]

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Had you thought of giving a garden swing seat as a present? It could be to yourself or a member of the family in celebration of a big occasion, a birthday, anniversary or simply just […]

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spring garden swingseat

Conversations with customers….

Whenever we exhibited at a show, people who had bought one of our swing seats would come especially to visit us and tell us how much they are enjoying their swing seats.  So, for this […]

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We produce garden swing seats, pure and simple, nothing else. No folding tables, no scented candles or garden statuary, just swing seats, no gimmicks, and not even a ‘buy one get one free’!  We are […]

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The snowdrops are up!

Beverley Nichols, author, journalist and playwright, liked to set a vase of them on a mirror as, he said it is the inside of the delicate, bell shaped blooms which is the prettiest part of […]

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Planning ahead with spring thoughts

Planning for spring Does spring arrive earlier each year?  John Roach of the National Geographic Magazine thinks it does.  A long term study was carried out in Colorado Rocky Mountains where is has been found […]

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The Christmas Great Escape

For Danny that Christmas was a triumph. His speed of thought and action was second to none and every minute counted. Despite the best carefully laid plans, Christmas Day stories abound; be they funny, traumatic, […]

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