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Reliable old garden tools

Has anyone heard of a Swoe?

I hadn’t until some years after I had been given one by an old lady who was clearing out her tool shed. The picture is here, I had tried to identify it on the web […]

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Yorkshire is in full bloom

Yorkshire is in full bloom at the moment and looking magnificent.  Amazingly here in the Yorkshire Dales there has been a lack of the wet stuff, very dry with sunshine with a cool breeze which […]

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Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Just to let you know again, we will not be exhibiting at Chelsea this year.  We had a very successful show there last year and for various reasons have decided not to attend, not least […]

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Yorkshire rain, wildflowers and chickens

It has rained! At last! I never imagined the Yorkshire Dales would have been asking for a downpour but after more than three weeks of drying winds, we needed some wet weather for the garden. […]

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Inspired by a Garden Designer

WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR GARDEN TO BE EASILY MAINTAINED, TROUBLE FREE AND COLOURFUL? We love gardening, but are not gardeners, if that makes sense.  Visiting other people’s gardens is one way to become inspired, but […]

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