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Most of us are amateur interior designers; magazines, newspapers and the media are ever suggesting ways of how to find the best way to decorate your house. So, here’s a thought; does your garden furniture […]

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Reliable old garden tools

Has anyone heard of a Swoe?

I hadn’t until some years after I had been given one by an old lady who was clearing out her tool shed. The picture is here, I had tried to identify it on the web […]

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Yorkshire is in full bloom

Yorkshire is in full bloom at the moment and looking magnificent.  Amazingly here in the Yorkshire Dales there has been a lack of the wet stuff, very dry with sunshine with a cool breeze which […]

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Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Just to let you know again, we will not be exhibiting at Chelsea this year.  We had a very successful show there last year and for various reasons have decided not to attend, not least […]

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Yorkshire rain, wildflowers and chickens

It has rained! At last! I never imagined the Yorkshire Dales would have been asking for a downpour but after more than three weeks of drying winds, we needed some wet weather for the garden. […]

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