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settle carlisle railway


Summer was drawing to a close, the schools were back and it was time for a day out.  So, on a lovely, sunny morning we set off, the tickets had been booked beforehand and we […]

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3 Seater swing seat without sides

September Swing Seats Update

I can’t remember a year when the covers for the swing seats have been put away for so long.  From late May until mid-August our summer days have been virtually cloudless, even if it did […]

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A day out in the Yorkshire Wolds beckoned

About 25 years ago, Burton Agnes Hall in East Yorkshire captured me with its beauty. Built in the 1600s by Sir Henry Griffith, the imposing brick frontage with four large bay windows from ground to […]

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Ever wondered what how the word barbecue came about? It wasn’t a description of how the food was cooked but rather the name of the wooden structure used by the Taino Indians upon which they […]

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The snowdrops are up!

Beverley Nichols, author, journalist and playwright, liked to set a vase of them on a mirror as, he said it is the inside of the delicate, bell shaped blooms which is the prettiest part of […]

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Planning ahead with spring thoughts

Planning for spring Does spring arrive earlier each year?  John Roach of the National Geographic Magazine thinks it does.  A long term study was carried out in Colorado Rocky Mountains where is has been found […]

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The Christmas Great Escape

For Danny that Christmas was a triumph. His speed of thought and action was second to none and every minute counted. Despite the best carefully laid plans, Christmas Day stories abound; be they funny, traumatic, […]

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The Halifax Piece Hall was built as a trading centre where local hand loom weavers came every Saturday to sell the cloth ‘pieces’ they had produced in their homesteads during the week.  The building is […]

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