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Now here is an offer you can’t refuse; all our garden swing seats are reduced by £400 if ordered before New Year’s Eve. How about that for a surprise Christmas Present….

Thinking about buying garden furniture at this time of the year might seem foolish, who wants to sit outside during the winter months you ask, but look at it from another perspective; winter is the best time to review the present layout of your garden. The leaves are off the trees and the plants have shrunk to little or nothing and you will have in front of you the bare bones of your plot, now you can let your imagination fly and with a few changes, suddenly spaces appear and you have a  whole new look.

It’s a bit like having a big swap round of all the pictures in the house, moving the sofa from one wall to another, or taking courage and painting a room a completely different colour. So by moving a shrub or two, grassing over an area of bed that you have never been too sure gives of its best during the summer months, or deciding that a bit of terracing nearer the house would be more useful as a sitting out area, now is the time to make plans. With a little judicious thought, it is very likely you will have found just the right space in which to site a smart and very comfy garden hammock where you will be able to relax with a cup of coffee and newspaper.

So, with the £400 reduction on each swing seat, how can you refuse! The purchase of a high quality a piece of garden furniture will give endless pleasure for years to come and be the envy of friends and family alike.

The upholstery materials we use are all of marine grade which means the awning, side panels and overall cover are all weatherproof. Clips on the front and back of the cover fasten into each other helping to prevent winds sneaking underneath and making the swing seat unstable. Strong utility zips at each corner of the cover allow you to throw back the front flap and fix it to the rear so you can sit cosily inside cocooned out of draughty and chilly winds.

The strength and weight of the powder coated frame with the interior cushions to make it very sturdy and safe and testament to that is the number of customers who leave their swing seats outside all year round.

Last summer was bliss with days of endless sunshine and high temperatures, so much so that we removed the side panels completely just leaving the awing in place to shade the seat, our luxurious swing seats are very versatile and easy to adapt.

A garden swing seat is surely one of the most interesting, unusual and practical presents you could give yourself, family or a friend.  Let’s start with you; imagine your garden on a summer’s day, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everywhere you look is a picture of colour and peace. Your garden swing seat is the star attraction on the lawn, patio or terrace and you have invited a few friends round for a drink and a bite to eat, the table is set out with goodies ready for a feast and it all looks perfect.  The only difficulty you can see is which of your guests you will invite to be first to relax in comfort on the swing seat, they will just have to take turns!

Besides thinking of a Christmas present, is there a Golden Wedding on the horizon? Or other big birthday or anniversary which the family are looking forward to celebrating? Friends and family clubbing together to buy a gift allows the imagination to fly towards something rather special and a garden hammock could be the answer to much scratching of heads. Our luxury garden swing seat is of excellent quality and is both practical great fun to own.

One customer badly wanted one of our swing seats and wondered how she could persuade her husband to buy it. I suggested that she could ask for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas present in advance, she laughed and said she was already about 5 years ahead with presents and was not sure just how she could get this past him!  The answer was to bring him over and let him see and try it out, he came, he saw, he tried it and he bought it without hesitation!

Now, where to put your luxury swing seat?

We always suggest it not being too far away from the house so you will be able to pop out at odd times for a relax and escape. Try to arrange it to be in a space large enough to accommodate your other garden furniture; however, some of our customers have very definitely sited their seats away from the general hubbub where they can enjoy the peace and quiet a bit of solitude.

Near a pond is a good place; water is a magnet to wildlife; dragonflies of iridescent blue and red dart from plant to plant, skaters shoot across the surface in no apparent direction and birds line up waiting for their turn to fly down for a drink. Wherever there is water wildlife appear from nowhere and sitting quietly in comfort on your swing hammock, it becomes a ‘hide’, there is no better place from which to observe comings and goings of the fauna who live alongside you in your garden.

Those stunning photos of swimming pools of clear, turquoise blue water surrounded by white terracing just cry out for a swing seat to complete the picture.  We will make the upholstery for yours in any shade or colour of white you would like, just give us a ring to discuss your preference.

There are plenty of sunshiny days during the winter; we sit out on the 2 seater in the gravel garden which is well sheltered all around by hedges. The overall cover does its job and protects the cushions and upholstery underneath so bad weather is shrugged off. The only damage that has occurred is the wretched squirrels chewing about three or four small holes in the back and front of the overall cover, the waterproof properties are not affected at all it just makes it look a bit tatty and not very smart. We could have them patched but they as those little grey devils have obviously got bored acquired a taste of new acrylic canvas I am loathed to tempt them with the material of a fresh one. Surrounded by woodland, we are overrun with them here, catch one and a dozen more appear, apart from the jays and jackdaws, they don’t seem to have a natural predator.

The interior sprung cushions have taken no harm in winter weather, I did wonder if they would become very damp to the touch but as there is a gap of about 2 inches all round between the ground and the bottom of the cover, the air continually circulates and the fact that it sits in a sheltered sun trap, everything remains dry and secure.  The powder coated frame has had a few knocks and bumps over the years as it was carted countrywide to exhibitions but it is as sturdy and reliable as ever.

Buying one of our garden swing seats will be the best of presents at any time of the year. Have a Very Happy Christmas and have a think about treating yourself to something very exciting and unusual, you will not regret your decision and suddenly could find yourself being very popular!