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Conversations with customers….

Whenever we exhibited at a show, people who had bought one of our swing seats would come especially to visit us and tell us how much they are enjoying their swing seats.  So, for this blog I thought it would be useful for those of you browsing the web site and thinking about purchasing one might like to hear a few of those comments.

I sent out a simple questionnaire asking them about how they use their swing seat, where and how they had decided to place it in the garden, what time of the day they used it most etc. and here are their replies.  I have shortened some of them and a couple I have kept in their entirety.


‘As you know, the purchase of our swing seat at Hampton Court a few years ago is one of the single best purchases that we have made to enhance our garden. As we strolled through Hampton Court, B…. and J…. looked for somewhere very comfortable to sit while I went shopping. Was it an impulse buy? Well forty years ago B…’s Dad and Mum had a swing seat and it was a treasured part of family gatherings for afternoon tea etc. As B…. and J…. sat comfortably in the Yorkshire swing seat on show, J…. said you have to have one of these to recreate the special garden.

We have sited our four seater swing seat in a specially created stone garden, so now it stands proud and is again a wonderful centre piece for many family assemblies. We have introduced other items to accommodate and support the swing seat (urns etc.) The overall cover is kept in place to give a very comfortable backdrop and keep any breezes away. We store it for the winter in our garden room, and all the cushions fit beautifully on its own space. We bring it out in early May, and put it away during October. We have had little or no maintain experience as it wears beautifully. We open the swing seat early in the morning, and only close it when the sun goes down.

When we got the swing seat first, J… announced he was going to sleep in it overnight pulling down the front cover, and enjoyed the most restful night, and awoke to the birds singing. The only uninvited guest to enjoy the swing seat was our next door cat who left some fur for us to clean up!!! Our grandchildren love particularly lying out straight and swinging gently.’

From Mrs O’B, Dublin who bought their swing seat in 2014.  


From Mrs G, Sheffield who bought her swing seat in 2016.

  1. When you bought your swing seat, was it an impulse buy?
    No, we’d been thinking about it for a while but didn’t think we’d use it much, how wrong was that!
  2. Have you owned a swing seat previously?
  3. Where have you sited your swing seat? Did you have somewhere in mind when you bought it, or did you move it round the garden before it had a settled home?
    We had somewhere in mind as our garden is very small and we thought it would be the only place it’d fit. However much to our delight and surprise it slotted neatly into an area on our patio beside our pond and near the house where it looks great
  4. Have you changed any of your garden design to accommodate your swing seat?
    No, there was no need.
  5. How important is the overall cover?
    Very, it not only keeps it neat and tidy in the winter but also acts as a wind break during the other months so we can still sit out when it’s not particularly warm  
  6. Do you store it under cover for winter? If so, how many months of the year is it outside?
    No we don’t store it away for the winter, it’s out all year round. We do move it about 3ft into a slightly more sheltered part of the patio but leave the cushions on and just zip up the outer cover. It’s been fine over the last couple of years.
  7. Have you needed to scrub the overall cover and/or wash the cushion covers yet? If so, did they clean easily?
    We’ve not had to do anything with the cushion covers which is a surprise as my husband is an avid newspaper reader and I expected the newsprint to make it grubby, but it’s been ok so far. We’ve had a few birds leave their mark on the outer cover but we’ve left it to dry and just brushed it off. There’s been no need to scrub the outer cover but will probably do the bottom few inches this Spring as they’re a bit rain splashed.
  8. What is the most popular time of day to use your swing seat?
    Very early morning in the summer to watch the wildlife in our pond or a quick coffee later on. Then early evening and at dusk, we find it perfect for watching all the animal visitors to our small garden as they don’t seem to notice we’re there.
  9. Our grandchildren make ours into dens and houses, they make it swing quite forcefully and somersault of and on when it is moving.  Do children/grand children enjoy using yours?
    We don’t have children so it’s just us and our friends!
  10. Our dogs like lying underneath the seat out of the sun and it also provides a good hiding place to spy unsuspecting squirrels before giving them chase.  Is your swing seat especially useful to animals as well as people?
    No animals either, I was worried that the squirrels or neighbour’s cats would take possession but fortunately that has hasn’t happened!


‘We bought our swing seat about 7 years ago and took it out to our house in the south of France, near Perpignan.  Each year I cover it in cushions ready for the onslaught of lolling teenagers who hardly move at all, I rouse them to make way for drinks and nibbles as the sun goes down, I dust off crumbs and wipe down sticky fingers from our younger guests who have bounced, swung and jumped all over it. It is where confidences are exchanged, memories revisited, teasing abounds and we all come together. We just love it.’

From Mrs P. Ilkley. 

Mrs M from York who bought her swing seat in 2015, leaves their swing seat out 7 months of the year and knew exactly where it was going to be sited before she and her husband bought one as there had been a seat there before. As yet she hasn’t needed to clean the upholstery and finds the overall cover very important.  Their dog enjoys being both on and underneath it!

Mr C from Guernsey bought his in 2014 on impulse and leaves it out all year round.

garden swing seat on deckingMr Rhodes of Hertfordshire bought his swing seat in 2015 and that It was not an impulse buy as he had seen it the year before he bought it and treated himself to a retirement present.  He has scrubbed the overall cover in the spring and found ‘ it came up very well’.  He also says ‘ The seat remains outside all year. All the cushions are removed in the winter into dry/low heated storage. I know that you (The Yorkshire Swing Seat Company) recommend it is all taken into storage in the winter; that may be necessary in the wilds of Yorkshire but the seat over winters quite happily in the milder south.

In Summary

lunchtime seems a popular time of day for using a swing seat and the overall cover is considered very important, not only does it provide protection against rain but also gives shelter on blustery days. As regards leaving them out all year round, it seems to depend where you live and whether or not it is sitting in a sheltered spot in the garden.