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Frequently Asked Questions

We always willing the help

Below are some frequently asked questions but if you would like to  know more about choosing the right swing seat for your garden, don’t hesitate to contact us

Can you leave the cushions out overnight?

Yes.  The weatherproof fabrics we use will protect anything left out on the seat at any time and for the whole summer long. You can also leave cushions, rugs, throws, books or magazines from any other garden furniture on the swing seat, just pop them on the seat, zip up the overall cover and they will be safe and protected.

Is there any help available to put up your swing seat?

We use a firm called Screwdriver to help customers assemble their swing seats, their operators are quick and efficient and very helpful.  There is an extra charge for this service.

Is there a guarantee with the swing seat?

We guarantee the seats for a year provided they are used appropriately. We do not expect anything to go wrong but if it does, we will sort is out as quickly as possible, we are always on the end of the telephone if you need us.  If you are not happy with your swing seat after one month of purchase and provided it is not damaged in any way (scratched, bent or torn fabric), we will take it back and refund the purchase price.

What are the delivery costs?

The cost depends on your post code. If you ring or email us, we can let you know immediately.  On the other hand, you can always collect it yourself from here.  We do ask that you arrange to be around when your swing seat is being delivered to give the driver a hand if necessary.

How to pay for a swing seat?

On the day you order, you will be asked for a deposit and then a week before delivery, we shall require the balance of the amount outstanding.

What is the delivery time?

All our swing seats are bespoke and delivery is 6 – 8 weeks from the date of ordering.

Are the fabrics fire retardant?

The British Fire Retardant Standard applies to fabrics used indoors, not  to outdoor furniture therefore the fabrics we use do not fall under this ruling. You should not  therefore  store the fabrics inside your home during the winter months.

Are the fabrics all weatherproof?

Yes, the Sunbrella and Sauleda fabrics are known and trusted worldwide for efficiency in repelling rain.  Both the awning and the overall cover are made from the same quality of material, so the swing seats are doubly protected.

Can you leave the swing seats outside during the winter?

We advise you store them under cover during the winter months.  Winter winds are stronger than summer ones and the continual buffeting against the frame can cause damage to the fabric.  Also, the English climate is wet and the damp can sit in the cushions for long periods before drying out in warmer winds.

What are the measurements of the swing seats?

The 4 seater is 3000mm (9’ 8”) long
The 3 seater is 2500mm (8’ 2”) long
The 3 seater is 1950mm (6’ 3”) long
The depth from back to front is 1500mm (5 ft)

To order either call +44 (0)1756 711652 or complete our online Order Form Order Form

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