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ohhh thats comfy garden swing seat for 2019

When we launched The Yorkshire Swing Seat Company nearly 10 years ago, we realised we needed to get the swing seats out and about for people to see and try them out and we decided to exhibit at garden open days, shows and fairs nationwide.  Our first year was spent attending local events just to make sure that our design was reliable and if any problems arose, we would instantly be on hand to sort them out.  Amazingly for a new product, there were no complaints from the early sales and the swing seats stood up to being well scrutinised by everyone who came to examine them closely.  In fact, as soon as a visitor sank into one of the interior sprung cushions, they would exclaim ‘Oooooooh, that’s so comfy!’   For those old enough to remember, there was an advert on television for Typhoo tea whose strapline was ‘Ooooooh ….. Typhoo!’.  Perhaps we should have called the company Typhoo!

Yorkshire Swing Seat – Exhibitions

Confident now that our hammocks were well thought of and reliable, the following year we packed up the horse box with all two, three and four-seater swing seats and started exhibiting nationwide. We visited Lancashire, the Midlands, Northumberland, the far reaches of Yorkshire and beyond.  My cousin came with me to most of the venues and the long-suffering family helped out in times of strain and stress, it was hard work but we really enjoyed the shows; other exhibitors were friendly and helpful and the public loved our product.  At one show there were queues to try out them out and one young man who bounced relentlessly on every seat and made them swing widely backwards and forwards, wrote on a card on which he wrote ‘Comfy and soft’, he wasn’t the only prospective customer to put the hammocks through their paces.  Men tended to come on the stand and say they were ‘OK’ but they had reservations about their stability and thought that on blustery days they would likely blow over, so we invited them to lift one of the legs on the seat to realise just how sturdy the seats are. One heave was all that was needed to prove our swing seats are no pushover! The springs in the cushions give an added weight and the overall cover covering a heavy metal frame, the seats are much heavier than they look.  Attempting to move or lift them should come with a warning about bad backs!

Past customers sought us out at the shows to let us know how much they were enjoying their swing seats and that was wonderful, and occasionally brought ideas for small adjustments to be incorporated into the design many of which we have adopted. There are great advantages in being a small company, design adjustments can be easily made and customer preferences can be accommodated so the swing seat you receive is very definitely yours made to order.

Getting Yorkshire Swing Seats Online

Much as we enjoyed exhibiting at the shows, the ever-rising costs of being there steadily increased until there came a time when we took the decision to stop the travelling and concentrate on selling from the website.  We always have the three sizes of hammock here for you to see and can send you swatches of fabric showing the quality and colours of the fabrics we use.  Despite the horror stories that abound about buying off the internet, we have never had a complaint from any customers about our swing seats not being up to scratch for quality or ease of putting up and taking down and we guarantee that, if within 6 weeks of receipt you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund you the price you paid minus transport costs.  Besides sending our swing seats to all points of the compass in the U/K they also travel abroad.

Our company is not vat registered which means that the extra 20% of a purchase price charged by larger organisations does not apply to us.  Expensive our swing seats might seem to be, but both the materials we use and the workmanship of construction is second to none and customers who bought our swing seats when we started the business ten years ago, say their garden seats are as good as new and have many years use left in them.  When designing them, longevity was a very important point and we expect them to become family heirlooms passed down through family and friends to be enjoyed by the next generation.

Many small, artisan businesses are not vat registered and sell their goods at fairs, shows and off their websites directly to the purchasers.

As well as making their products, company owners value the opportunity to talk to customers and explain how, where and when they started their business. Judging by the feedback from the public, they feel reassured and given confidence when they know the history and background of their investment.

We regularly hear about shops on the high street closing down. High rents and difficulty of customer parking are often claimed to be part of the reason. However, human nature being what it is and with the rapid advance of technology, the ever-canny public is turning to websites for their purchases. Shopping habits are changing and small businesses are a driving force in that direction, the public wants and need value for money.  Any chance of cutting out the middleman and vat suits the pocket!

A Happy and Healthy New Year to You All….

Christmas is behind us and the holiday brochures are already flopping through the letterboxes with great offers of bargain holidays. Will it be a long winter and late spring like last year? The amazingly hot, sunny days of in 2018 are unforgettable and, as events usually happen in threes, then 2019 could be a record breaker. So roll on those balmy, cloudless days and plan to spend time with family and friends enjoying a wonderful summer relaxing on your garden swing seat.

Summer holidays last a couple of weeks, one of our garden swing seats will last you a lifetime.