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Planning ahead with spring thoughts

Planning for spring

Does spring arrive earlier each year?  John Roach of the National Geographic Magazine thinks it does.  A long term study was carried out in Colorado Rocky Mountains where is has been found that, indeed spring there began three weeks earlier than it did in the 1970s.

The official title of spring is the ‘vernal equinox’ which roughly translated from Latin means that day and night have the same number of daylight hours; ‘Ver’ meaning spring and ‘Equinox’ meaning equal.  The first day of spring in the UK is the  20th March next year  in just 4 months’ time and when you think that September is a mere three months behind, you realise that  longer and warmer days and are steadily making their way towards us.

Expectations will soon be high as warmth creeps into the year and when a short run of hot, sunny days appear, we assume winter to be over but being a fickle sort of lady, spring has sent us fake news! It happens every year, having given us a taster of summer, she will change her mind and throw down a few buckets of icy rain and chilly winds to tease and we realise we have been tricked and scuttle back into hibernation for a little while longer. So, don’t throw off the winter woollies, plan for salads and B B Qs, dash out and buy annuals to plant out, wait a bit longer; frosts can happen here in Yorkshire as late as May, March is still a bit too early to assume warm weather has arrived to stay.  This is the month however when our swing seats come out of storage and go back they go into their allotted places in the garden where they will stay until November or later.

Now however, is the time to make plans for a summer outside.

Let us suppose that you have a scheme which includes a much longed for garden swing, here are a few points that need consideration –

Which size had you in mind?

This will not only depend on your preference but also how much space there is in your garden.  Each swing seat is 5 feet deep and the lengths are:  4 seater – 9 feet, the 3 seater – 8 feet and the 2 seater – 6 feet. The 4 seater gives enough length for two adults to lie down end to end. The 3 seater has plenty of room for two or three people to sit comfortably and the 2 seater is a cosy fit for two adults.

What time of the day are you most likely to use your swing seat?

People usually prefer to have their relaxing time in the afternoons and evenings, so it is worth considering where the sun will be at any particular time of the day. Each swing seat has an adjustable awning which can be raised and lowered allowing as much shade or sun to suit.     

Where should you site you swing seat?

We suggest that it be not too far from the house. You will find you will use it much more often if you don’t have to trek miles across the lawn or terrace and can bob out for a quick break with a cup of coffee and read of the newspaper without any kerffufle.

You will also need at least 2ft clearance around the sides and back of the swing seat so that when removing or adjusting the overall cover you will have plenty of room to access all sides.   Also, make sure that there is enough room to ensure the cover does not rub or catch on any walls, vegetation or trees which would cause damage to the material and possibly cause tearing.

If you are laying a terrace or patio on which to site a swing seat, getting the measurements correct is important so make it large enough to accommodate the swing seat plus the addition perhaps some small, outdoor tables close by.

Whereabouts in the garden have you sited other garden furniture?

Arranging sofas, chairs and loungers together looks cosy and inviting.  On the other hand, you may prefer to have a corner of the garden where you can hide yourself away from hustle and bustle.  Our 2 seater swing seat is surrounded by a hornbeam hedge where it is quiet and peaceful; a great place for escaping to read the paper or doze a few hours away!

There is no possibility of being able to accommodate all of the above suggestions; I doubt there is an outdoor space anywhere where all these recommendations could all be met, but you will be able to work out the points you consider most important and use those.

Spring is a season when we all feel compelled to make changes; start new projects, get rid of clutter and sort out ideas. It is the time for new beginnings and fresh thoughts and winter is the time for dreaming, musing, plotting and ensuring those aspirations come true.