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Had you thought of giving a garden swing seat as a present? It could be to yourself or a member of the family in celebration of a big occasion, a birthday, anniversary or simply just because you love the idea and have always wanted one..

We often get a clandestine phone call from a customer asking whether we can arrange to have a swing seat assembled on site as a surprise for husband, wife or parent.  The answer is ‘Yes’ we certainly can.  We can arrange for a company to come to your house and erect the flat pack, they are both quick and efficient and customer feedback about the service is excellent. A date is arranged for delivery, the ‘receiver’ whisked away on the due day if needed security gate entry numbers are given and instructions of just where the swing seat is to be positioned are decided and the ‘surprise’ is all set!

The great advantage of giving someone a swing seat is that it is a piece of garden furniture that can be enjoyed by all; it is a great party piece and becomes the focus of attention on any lawn or amongst other garden furniture.  Glasses of wine or tea and cakes can become very special and convivial occasions, believe me, people remember gardens with swing seats as being intriguing and distinctive.

We also offer an embroidery and printing service so if you would like someone’s initials or a logo on the canvas or cushion upholstery which would make the swing seat more personal, then just let us know. The design can be your own or we can help you find one you would like. One particular swing seat was a present to a disabled girl on her 21st birthday and she wanted a cupcake with a candle in it in the corner of a cushion, it looked really lovely.

Your first thoughts about where to site a swing seat in your garden don’t have to be permanent, the seats are moveable, customers often find that after a couple of months a better position shows itself and it is all change.  Yes, they are heavy to move but by removing the cushions (which are interior sprung and therefore quite a weight), and then unhooking the metal backrest and the seat, with two strong people it can be shifted about.  Swing seats should not be lightweight as they become vulnerable to winds getting underneath the cover and becoming unstable and so not be safe.  If you decide to put it in a particularly windy area, there are bolt holes in the feet for them to be fastened to the ground as an extra precaution. Mostly this is not necessary; we have our 4 seaters on the deck which is exposed to all weathers and it has always stood its ground.

You also need to think of making sure that there is at least 2 feet clearance all the way around the swing seat so there is plenty of room for taking the overall cover off and on plus you would not want the wind to allow the material to catch on a wall or hedge nearby and tear.

On the odd occasions we have been abroad we have seen rows of swing seats on pavements outside cafes and restaurants, all in bright colours looking really attractive, yellow seems to be the preferred colour for the awnings and cushions which seems to be an odd choice.  It is a colour we have always steered away from for our fabrics having been told by an ‘expert’ it is the preferred hue for attracting insects and much as we love them, we don’t want to be a magnet all summer long swatting them away whilst peacefully lounging in the garden.

We do sometimes find the odd chrysalis tucked away in a corner of the swing seat awning where an insect has laid her eggs, no harm is done to the fabric it just provides a creche until the young insect matures enough to fly away.  Birds sometimes leave their marks and the cover can become subject to a covering of Verdigris, but those can be hosed off and if necessary given a scrub.  The fabrics are all marine quality.

All in all, a garden swing is a very unusual and much-loved present and if you can make it a surprise gift, then that will be a day remembered forever.