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Sale Items

Very occasionally we have a  swing seat which we can offer below list price.  They are not faulty in any way, they have simply had an outing at a show and been used as demonstration models.

The good thing about our sale items is not only the immediate delivery,  but sometimes piped cushions are included in the offer price.

This 3 seater swing seat

It has only been a demonstration model for a few days and is as good as new. The awning and side panels are in Blue Jeans and the cushion fabric is Natural. The price includes the overall cover £3,857.00p. Delivery not included.

Another 3 seater swing seat which is 4 years old

It has a few scratches on the frame which are not visible underneath the awning and side panels, this 3 seater is a bargain. Blue Jeans awning and side panels with cushion fabric in Natural. The price includes the overall cover is £3,100.00p.  Delivery not included.

Canvas Cover

We also have a brand new set of canvas covers; awning in Plum with interior side panels in White which is designed to give a brighter, lighter look contrasting with the darker colour of the awning above.

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