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Swing Seat Refurbishments

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We can give your old much loved swing seat a new life to enjoy.

We receive many enquiries about refurbishing swing seats that have been put to retirement in an attic or cellar, now they look exhausted and just need a little tender loving care to bring them back into use.

What better way to enjoy an English summer afternoon on your swing seat with friends and family, admiring and planning your garden, having a cup of tea or a glass of wine and just relaxing as you gently swing to and fro on your pretty sofa.

Sometimes called hammocks, garden swing seats became popular in the early 1900s, they were a luxury much enjoyed by countless families and many have survived the rigors of storage, neglect or long terms use, and here we can help.  Provided the metal work is not too rusted through, it can be shot blasted and powder coated, cushions can be replaced and new covers can be made, just let us know.

Many swing seats did not have overall covers and maybe that is all you need to give a longer life to your treasure. Although not consistently available, swing seats have always been around in various shapes, sizes and designs so don’t worry if yours is not an ancient monument, we can most probably still help you remodel the one you have.

Garden furniture recovered

Do the covers of your present garden furniture look a little tired and worn?  If so, we can recover them for you. Should you decide to refurbish your garden swing seat, why not use the same fabrics to either match or compliment other cushions on your garden furniture?




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Made In Britain


We are proud our product is made in Yorkshire

Read our story to find out more about our journey to producing the high quality product we have today.

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Swing Seat Cover

Overall Rain Cover

We can’t pretend that summers in this country are idyllically hot with a few light showers! Wind and rain are no strangers to the UK

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Embroidered Logos


Personalise your swing seat

Really make your swing seat your own add your personal embroidery to the cushions

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