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Time for thoughts about refurbishing your garden swing seat?

It is now the end of September and the weather is definitely taking a turn with shorter days and fresher winds.  Our swing seats are still outside and will remain so at least until the end of October, hopefully there will still be the odd sunny, warm day plus we will be having a bit of a party within the next two weeks on the deck and the swing seat/hammock is a popular place for a chat and catch up.   Still, not a brilliant summer this year; wet a lot of the time, not too cold I suppose, so al fresco suppers and BBQs have been limited.

Many of you will have your own much loved swing seats outside still and, be they ancient family heirlooms or of a more modern variety, how are they looking?  Are the overall covers still weatherproof? What about the state of the upholstery and cushions?  Many of the older swing seat cushions are padded with horsehair which is likely now to be showing its age and perhaps the cushions could do with replacing or recovering.

Inject new life and comfort into your old swing seat

How about ringing us to ask about the refurbishment service we offer?  Providing the frame is well made and not too rusty or out of shape, we can help.  The metal frame  can be sandblasted then powder coated and all the joints oiled and made flexible again.  Our upholsterer can construct interior sprung cushions with covers to fit and the canvas cutters will measure up for a bespoke overall cover and new awning.

There are two ways of organising this;  send us the existing covers and we will copy them using our marine quality fabrics or you can send us the frame and have what you need made to measure. This way you would need to send your swing seat frame to us.

All the colours for the upholstery are shown on this web site; they are exactly the same as the ones we use for our own seats.  An overall cover will have two zips on the front to allow you to open it up, flip the front flap back and secure it with two strong clips so you can enjoy the view yet be protected from sneaky winds whirling around. The pelmet on the awning can either be scalloped or cut straight.   Although we provide inner and outer side panels on our swing seats, historically they were not part of the early designs of the 1940s and unless particularly requested, are not necessary.

So, do give us a ring and send us a photo of your swing seat so we can discuss the next step to refurbishing your old one.