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What our customers think

‘I would add that we find the purchase of the swing seat relatively easy and didn’t feel any pressure to buy. The workmanship that has gone into the making of the seat covers and particularly with our chosen design is beautiful and everyone who has sat on the swing has loved it’

Mrs B, Leicestershire


‘We bought our swing seat about 7 years ago and took it out to our house in the south of France, near Perpignan.  Each year I cover it in cushions ready for the onslaught of lolling teenagers who hardly move at all, I rouse them to make way for drinks and nibbles as the sun goes down, I dust off the crumbs and wipe down sticky fingers from our younger guests who have bounced and swung and jumped all over it.  It is where confidences are exchanged, memories revisited, teasing abounds and we all come together.  We just love it!’

Mrs P, West Yorkshire

Customer feedback

We are always striving to ensure we provide the best swing seat on the market with unparalleled customer services, these are just a few of the great comments we have received back from our questionnaire:

How important is the overall cover?

‘The overall cover is very important to protect everything inside – it does get a lot of bird droppings on it, presumably we have asked for that trouble by siting it partially under a tree’

Mr K, Worcestershire

Do you store (your swing seat) under cover? If so, how many months of the year is it outside?

I know you recommend it is all taken into storage in the winter; that may be necessary for the wilds of Yorkshire but the seat overwinters quite happily in the milder south.  

Mr R, Hertfordshire

When you bought your swing seat was it an impulse buy?

‘No, we looked at others, but yours was made locally, looked robust and well-made and had neutral colours that blended in well with the garden’. 

Mr and Mrs O from Lancashire

What is the most popular time of day to use your swing seat?

‘Very early in the morning in the summer to watch the wildlife in our pond or a quick coffee later on. Then early evening and at dusk, we find it perfect for watching all the animal visitor to our small garden as they don’t seem to notice we are there’.

Mr and Mrs G, Yorkshire

Have you changed any of your garden design to accommodate your swing seat?

We have sited our four-seater swing seat in a specially created stone garden, so now it stands proud and is again a wonderful centrepiece for many family assemblies.’

Mr O’B, Ireland